Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm Featured!

I was contacted this week by a couple of sweet women who own
a Brazillian scrapbook site to inspire and teach others
in Brazil about scrapbooking.
Every Friday they have a column called "Bomboniere" where they feature a scrapbooker, and they asked if they could feature me this week and a page I recently made for a

OF COURSE!!! ;0)
What an honor! I am thrilled to be featured!

Here is the link:
(and they were so thoughtful to have the post in English as well as Portuguese so that I could read it)

Blessings~ Zoa


Miss Jaster said...

WTG ZOA! That's awesome! :)

Rô (Maria) said...

Zoa... it was our pleasure to feature your page on our blog... ;) Thank you so much...


Julia Cotrim said...

Hi Zoa we were very happy to have you on our blog and your beautiful layout! Thanks!

patricia dias said...

Hi Zoa,

I loved this Layout. Congrats!


Heather Plank said...

WOW Zoa so cool! Congrats and I love the layout - your work is just amazing. Hope Oliver is feeling better.

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