Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Favs 5/14/10

1. Finishing my "To Do" List
I love the feeling of accomplishment when I get all my errands done on a busy day!
(at the top of my list today was
mailing out all the BLOG prizes!)


2. Lee & Crystal's Duet on American Idol
this might be my favorite performance of the whole season...
with only Didi Benami's version of "Terrified" rivaling it

3. Getting Compliments
Seriously, I went to pick up pictures from Walgreens photo lab today, and the lady asked me if I had a PHOTO RELEASE from the photographer.
She thought my pictures were professional!!
Honestly, one of the BEST compliments ever!!
(here are some of the pics in question)

4. IBC Rootbeer
self explanatory


Moving away from the Deep South is a traumatic experience, but it is so nice to find an island of SOUTHERN food in the middle of all this mid- west chaos! haha!



Kristin Summer said...

Congrats on the photo compliments (isn't that an awesome feeling)....judging from your photos, compliment was well deserved ;) super cute!

Leah the Orange said...

oooh, that performance was fun to watch - i love a good HONEST duet!! the photos are LOVELY - i'm totally keen on those greenish hues! GORJE, Zoa!! and mmmm, Famous Dave's. i've been jonesin' for BBQ for a while, and a trip there would really hit the spot. have you tried their bread pudding? OMG, to die for.

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